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Welcome to the Anatomy Page!

11th Grade

Teacher: Zain Garrett                                  email:


Classroom Expectations/Rules Course Description Supply List/Syllabus
  • The Lab is Off Limits to everyone unless a class experiment is being done.  
  • No Cell Phones permitted. 
  • No Food or Drink permitted
  • Be prepared and on time. 
  • Wipe your desk down before you sit down.  

Anatomy is the study of the Human Body. In this course, students will learn all 206 bones, the organs and how they work and over 600 muscles.  


The 1st Semester Project is to Create a life size Skeleton Model. 

The 2nd Semester project is a Muscles Model. 

You will need a composition notebook for this course. 


Semester 2 Lesson Plans
Week Powerpoint/Notes Video Resources Worksheets/Review Tests Semester Projects
January 5th – 8th  Intro to Muscles N/A Muscles Overview Worksheet Muscles Overview Test Unassigned
January 11th – 14th Face Muscles Muscles of the Face Face Muscles Worksheet Face Muscles Test Unassigned
January 18th – 21st Back Muscles N/A Back Muscles Worksheet Back Muscles Test Unassigned
January 25th – 28th Hip and Thigh Muscles N/A N/A N/A Unassigned
February 1st – 4th Shin and Foot Muscles B/A Hip and Thigh Muscles Worksheet Hip and Thigh Muscles Test Unassigned
February 8th – 11th Shin and Foot Muscles N/A Shin Muscles worksheet


February 16th – 18th Shin and Foot Muscles N/A Foot Muscles worksheet Shin and Foot Muscles Test Unassigned
February 22nd – 25th Arteries Arteries and Blood Flow N/A

ACT Benchmark IV

March 1st – 4th Arteries N/A Arteries Worksheet N/A Sem Pro Begin
    End of 3rd Nine Weeks    
March 8th – 11th Veins Veins vs Arteries N/A Arteries Test Sem Pro start
March 15th – 18th     Spring Break    
March 22nd – 25th Veins N/A Veins Worksheet Veins Test Sem Pro
March 29th – April 1st N/A N/A ACT Review N/A N/A
April 5th – 8th N/A N/A ACT Review ACT TEST!!! N/A
April 12th – 15th Kingdoms Phylum Domain Class Species
April 19th – 22nd Kingdoms Phylum Domain Class Species
April 26th – 29th Kingdoms Phylum Domain Class Species
May 3rd – 6th Bones Review Muscles Review Yearly Review Semester Test N/A


Online Resources
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