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LabRats (Science Club)

LabRats LogoScience Club Officers 20-21

 Director (President): Matthew Weaver/Nikayla Carter 

 Lead Scientist (Vice President): Zac Taylor 

 Analyst (Secretary): Evan Rosa 

 Benefactor (Treasurer): Kaitlyn Weaver 

 Researcher (Reporter): Austin Treat 

 Lab Tech (Officer): Hunter Jones 












Upcoming Events:

Officers Trip – February 2021

Treasured – March 2021

Survivor: Old School vs New School – April 2021

Yellowstone Adventure – May-June 2021


Group Photo LRAbout LabRats

LabRats is an after school program designed to allow students to go more in depth and perform experiments that time or subject matter does not allow for during the general class hours.  During these meetings, they are learning things in Forensics, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Archeology/Fossils, Robotics, etc.  In addition to the after school experiments, they also participate in a variety of events such as Survivor, The Amazing Race, a Whodunnit, and Field Trips to name a few.  

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