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Survivor 2021-2022 School Year

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Survivor: Outcast Island is scheduled for August 2021

Survivor Records

Most Days playing Survivor: Zac Taylor/Nikayla Carter  (10 Days)

Most seasons of Survivor played: Nikayla Carter/Zac Taylor/Austin Treat/Matthew Weaver   (4 seasons)

Most Tribes: Zac Taylor   (8 tribes)

Most Immunity wins ever: Nikayla Carter   (7 immunity wins)

Most Immunity wins in a single season: Drake McConnell/Nikayla Carter   (4 immunity wins)

Most Votes Against: Kaitlyn Weaver   (12 votes)

Most Advantages found in a single season: Nikayla Carter/Brayden Treat/Zac Taylor   (2 advantages)

Most Advantages found overall: Nikayla Carter   (6 advantages)

Best Advantage play: Drake McConnell  (negated 6 votes against him)

Most points earned in a single season: Drake McConnell   (20 points)

Most points earned overall: Nikayla Carter   (32 points)


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