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Survivor: Armageddon

SA Its the end of the world as they know it. Legends will fall. Champions return.  

 Jaimee Sullivan  Omega Tribe

1st voted out

20th place

 Tyler Sanderson  Omega Tribe

 2nd voted out

19th place

 Kendyn Summers Alpha Tribe Quit Day 2
 Madison Summers Omega Tribe Quit Day 2
 Kason Summers Omega Tribe Quit Day 2
 Benji Clark  Alpha Tribe Quit Day 2
 Drake McConnell  Alpha Tribe Quit Day 2
 Cole Bourne  Omega Tribe Quit Day 2
 Nathan Crow  Alpha Tribe

 3rd voted out

 13th place

 DJ Oliver Omega Tribe

 4th voted out

12th place

 Boone Dowing  Alpha Tribe

 5th voted out

11th place

 Hunter Jones  Alpha Tribe

  6th voted out

10th place

 Holden McDaniel Omega Tribe

 7th voted out

9th place

 Matthew Weaver  Alpha Tribe

 8th voted out

8th place

 Austin Treat Omega Tribe

 9th voted out 

7th place

 Garth Kasiner Omega Tribe

 10th voted out 

6th place

 Bryanna Urchison Omega Tribe

 11th voted out

5th place

 Madison Ford Omega Tribe

 12th voted out

4th place

 Calee Conway  Alpha Tribe  3rd Place
 Nikayla Carter  Alpha Tribe  Runner Up
 Zac Taylor  Alpha Tribe  Sole Survivor

Survivor: Armageddon results

 Human Checkers  Alpha Tribe  Jaimee Sullivan
 Courtball  Alpha Tribe  Tyler Sanderson
 Tall Tale None  Kendyn Summers, Madison Summers, Kason Summers, Drake McConnell, Benji Clark, Cole Bourne 
 Snake in the Grass Omega Tribe  Nathan Crow
 Be Braid Alpha Tribe DJ Oliver
 Art of War  Omega Tribe Boone Downing
 Sliding Around Omega Tribe  Hunter Jones
 Bridging the Gap  Alpha Tribe  Holden McDaniel
 Block it Out  Omega Tribe  Matthew Weaver
 Flashback Alpha Tribe Austin Treat
 Kamakaze  Alpha Tribe  Garth Kasiner
 Ballin’ A Jack  Alpha Tribe Bryanna Urchison
 Ringout  Alpha Tribe  Madison Ford
 Finale  N/A

 3rd place – Calee Conway

Runner Up – Nikayla Carter

Sole Survivor – Zac Taylor