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Survivor: Heroes vs Villains


 Evan Rosa Villains  

1st voted out

24th place

 Jake Cooper Heroes  

2nd voted out

23rd place

 Kaitlyn Weaver Heroes  

3rd voted out

22nd place

 Jakki Davis Villains  

4th voted out

21st place

 Matthew Weaver Heroes  

5th voted out

20th place

 Kimie Lockhart Heroes  

6th voted out

19th place

 Austin Treat Villains  

7th voted out

18th palce

 Matej Sebesto Villains  

8th voted out

17th place

 Billy Deleplank Villains  

9th voted out 

16th place

 Jensen Cooper Heroes  

10th voted out

15th place

 Randi Saling Villains  

11th voted out

14th place

 Trenton Lovell Heroes  

12th voted out

13th place

 Emily Carver Heroes Yin Yang

quit game

11th/12th place

 Zac Taylor Villains Yin Yang

quit game

11th/12th place

 John Oliver Heroes Yin Yang

13th voted out

10th place

 TyAnn Bray Heroes Yin Yang

14th voted out

9th place

 Conner Crow Heroes Yin Yang

15th voted out

8th place

 Chloe Carver Villains Yin Yang

16th voted out

7th place

 Keeten Bray Villains Yin Yang

17th voted out

6th place

 Brandi Collins Heroes Yin Yang

18th voted out

5th place

 Kalee Kingsborough Villains Yin Yang

19th voted out

4th place

 Nikayla Carter Villains Yin Yang 3rd Place
 Brayden Treat Heroes Yin Yang Runner-Up
 Madison Summers Villains Yin Yang Sole Survivor

Survivor: Heroes vs Villains Results

 Human Checkers Heroes Tribe Evan Rosa
 Puzzled Villains Tribe Jake Cooper
 Air Raid Villains Tribe Kaitlyn Weaver
 Shut Your Trap Heroes Tribe Jakki Davis
 Idol Hands Villains Tribe Matthew Weaver
 Block it Out Villains Tribe Kimie Lockhart
 Sliding Around Heroes Tribe Austin Treat
 Balance of Power Heroes Tribe Matej Sebesto, Billy Deleplank
 Knock it Off Villains Tribe Jensen Cooper
 Tugged to War Heroes Tribe Randi Saling
 Holy Water Villains Tribe Trenton Lovell
  Merge Emily Carver and Zac Taylor quit
 Killer Target Conner Crow John Oliver
 Shuffleboard Keeten Bray TyAnn Bray
 Spin Cycle Keeten Bray Conner Crow
 Pole Vault Nikayla Carter Chloe Carver
 Catching H2O Kalee Kingsborough Keeten Bray
 Rollerballs Brayden Treat Brandi Collins
 eVaseive Manuevers Nikayla Carter Kalee Kingsborough

3rd place – Nikayla Carter

Runner Up – Brayden Treat

Sole Survivor – Madison Summers