Calendar Subscription

Subscribing to this calendar pulls the events from this calendar and displays them in your Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, iPhone, iPad, Android, or other device. you will need to:

  1. Press and Hold on the image above and choose "Copy Link"
  2. Go to your calendar program and find how to add a new calendar from an online source
  3. Choose "New Calendar Subscription" Or "Add Calendar from URL" or something similar
  4. Paste in the URL you copied in step 1
  5. Follow the prompts from your calendar program to finalize your subscription

Once you have subscribed to a school calendar, your calendar program will periodically refresh and get the latest updates from the school’s online calendar. The calendar refresh time will depend on the program you are using. Most Calendars only refresh every 4-24 hours, so check the School Website for last minute changes.

NOTE: IF the time zone on your computer is not set to the same time zone as our calendar, the event times may be off in your calendar program.