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Community Outreach

Notice of Meeting
There will be a Title VI meeting on Wednesday, April 21 at 9 am in the School Library.  There will also be an Agenda and information on the website for those that cannot be here in person.

Bokoshe High School ACT Questionnaire

High schools across the state are required to administer a state test every year. BHS administers the ACT for our state test, but this year the state adopted the SAT. BHS plans on continuing to administer the ACT Test, and it will satisfy the OSDE state testing requirements. In compliance with Section 1111(b)(2)(H) of ESSA, Bokoshe Public Schools would like to provide community stakeholders with an opportunity to provide meaningful input regarding our district’s intent to request permission to administer the ACT in lieu of the statewide assessment.

Please list any comments, thoughts, and feedback you have regarding this selection and its effect on Jay High Schools instructional programming.

Act Questionnaire