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3rd Grade

Welcome to the 3rd Grade Page!

Teacher: Kelly Parker                                email:


Classroom Expectations/Rules Message to Parents

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe & Be Kind

Welcome to the 3rd grade page!  If you don’t know me, I am Kelly Parker.  This is my 5th year at Bokoshe Elementary School.  This is my 26th year teaching and I have spent most of those years in 3rd grade.  I have two children who have graduated from Bokoshe.  My daughter Macy graduated in 2018.  She played softball and basketball.  She is a CNA and will be going to school to be an RN.  My son Drake graduated in our crazy year of 2020!  He played football, basketball and baseball.  He attends Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology.  He is studying to be a high voltage lineman. My husband Chris graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in engineering and works for Kraft/Heinz.  I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and I am also certified Early Childhood.  

We don’t know what this year is going to hold for us, but I promise I’ll do my best to make sure you stay updated and that your child gets the best education they could possibly receive!


Lesson Plans
Subject Good Things to know/lesson plans Videos/Resources
    Students should be able to access all of these sites just by loggin in with their google account
Daily phonics review We will watch the Hunks and Chunks video daily

We will practice multiplication flashcards daily
Reading, Language, Spelling, Math, Science, Social Studies Students will practice spelling words and read silently daily Please see Google Classroom for specific assignments and practice pages.
  Week of 8/31/2020  
Tuesday We will work on:  READING ,Compare/Contrast 3.2.R.2 Students will identify cause-and-effect relationships, *Waterford Reading  LANGUAGE ARTS--Language Drops in the Bucket B27, Verbs R.5.R.5, Narratives  , SPELLING—gh/ph words, sight words, academic vocabulary, ABC order  MATH--Drops in the Bucket #B 27 Add & Sub. 2 digit numbers. 3.N.2.3 SCIENCE

Flocabulary is worked on daily

Wednesday We will work on:  READING— Compare/Contrast 3.2.R.2 NF story,*Waterford Reading  LANGUAGE ARTS--Language Drops in the Bucket #B28,  Verbs   SPELLING   gh/phwords, sight  words, academic vocabulary- Write words 5 times, Whats Missing?  MATH--Drops in the Bucket B28, Add &   Subtract 2 digit numbers  SCIENCE

Prodigy during chromebook time daily if they choose it for their math practice.

Thursday We will work on:  READING—Compare/Contrast 3.2.R.2 , NF story,  LANGUAGE ARTS--Language Drops in the Bucket #B 29, Verbs   SPELLING—,gh/ph words,sight words, academic vocabulary- Write words 5 times,  Circle the correct spelling,  MATH--Drops in the Bucket #B 29,  add &Subtract 2 digit from 2 digit  SCIENCE—compare properties of materials

Reading and math practice

Friday We will work on:  READING—, Compare/Contrast ,NF story,  LANGUAGE ARTS--Language Drops in the Bucket #B30, Verbs  SPELLING—ph/ghr words, sight words, academic vocabulary- Spelling Test, Dictionary work   MATH--Drops in the Bucket #B30, Add & subtract 2 digit from 2 digit   SCIENCE

spelling practice


Online Resources
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