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Science Dept.

Junior High & High School Science

Welcome to the Bokoshe Public School Science page. Here you will find updates, remind code, pictures, lessons, help links and so much more. The sky is the limit here and even then its not a limit.  Starting Monday, August 17th, if you are absent from school the lessons will be on google classroom so there will be no excuse for you to get behind.                                             TEACHER: Zain Garrett


Class and Extra Curricular Remind Codes

(click on the class below to go to the class page)

Biology II 4637c39
Anatomy 2d8gbf
Physical Science 37cheg
8th Grade Science ca9fb3
Biology I h3ahdb
7th Grade Science 2dhaaaf
                                       EXTRA                                                                            CURRICULARS                                    
LabRats LabRats20
High School Academic Team 4hfk6a
Junior High Academic Team d42edb


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